Fred 1.1 - July 6, 2010

What's new in version 1.1?

Release date July 6, 2010

In Fred 1.1 the XeniT development team introduce even faster browsing experience. We have slightly modified the layout and the icons to enhance intuitive recognition by the users.

Furhtermore, following new functions are now available.

Managing Documents

  • Edit off-line: lock a document, download and edit a working copy, check-in the new version in only Two Clicks
  • View working copies: displays all the documents you have checked out and update then one by one
  • Enable versioning: enables versioning of documents
  • View versions: lists the versions of a document, open any of the version, revert to a previous version

Managing Columns

  • Select column set: show all metdata fields linked to a document type in columns
  • Save column set: select a set of columns and save this view as column set
  • Remove column set: remove custom views

Managing Folders

  • Copy link to folder: copies the link to a folder
  • Save root folder: the root folder for a repository is saved

Show in Browser

  • Jump to Alfresco Share interface: jump from the document lybrary in the share site folders to the appropriate share page


  • Search on specific metadata fields: select to search on all or only full text or a specific metadata field
  • Group by: collapse the groups

Administrator Functions:

  • Viewing folder permissions: view which users and/or groups have which user rights on a specific folder
  • Browse as a specific user: view which part of the repository a specific user can see