Fred 2.0 - April, 2012

In Fred 2.0, we made a complete redesign of the browser tab and introduced a number of techniques which enhance greatly the browsing speed. Browsing the repository and previewing documents in Alfresco feels like you are working on your local drive.

Following are the main new features in Fred 2.0


  • New Browsing Tab layout with look and feel of Windows 7 Explorer including a navigation pane, details pane, metadata pane and preview pane
  • Possibility to open multiple browsing tabs
  • Text indication of active folder in the Tab header
  • Faster browsing mechanism
  • Enhanced refresh of objects and metadata
  • Favourite folders and files

Handling Files

  • More shortcuts
  • Clone documents in Fred

Handling Views

  • Multiple preview modes: flash preview, thumbnail image, text preview
  • Preview of msg/outlook format

Handling Folders

  • Link to a folder

Handling Metadata

  • Metadata pane in the browser Tab to view and edit metadata
  • Possibility to configure the presentation layout of the metadata using the Alfresco forms


  • Search an Alfresco URL to a document

Drag and Drop

  • New presentation of the upload process
  • More robust  and faster upload mechanism
  • Moving objects from navigation pane to details pane and vice versa