Fred 2.2 - July, 2013

In Fred 2.2 we upgraded the application architecture to enable local persistant caching of the metadata and provide for more form and menu configuration capabilities. As a result we now have the basic building blocks for off-line synchronisation in place and can deliver the first functionality of taking the 'Documents I'm editing' (content and metadata) off-line. More will follow in the coming releases.

We introduced workflow in The Fred 2.x series which further extends Fred capabilities to support your daily document activities. We continued to enhance or complete functionality in the handling of documents and search capabilities.

With the integration of Digital Signature we demonstrate again that the Fred interface can be extended with other tools to become a major and complete tool in your daily activities.

Fred 2.2 includes following major features:


  • Launching a workflow from a document
  • Overview of your tasks
  • Overview of the workflows you started


Off-line Sync

  • Documents I'am editing

Documents I'm editing


  • Enhancements in navigation

Handling documents

  • Link document: Fred://link to document
  • Compress documents into a container
  • Create PDF from Office documents


  • AND, OR and () operators in text fields
  • Search on Alfresco link
  • more actions on search results

Enterprise configuration capabilities

  • Configuration of metadata pannel
  • Configuration of context menus
  • Configuration of searchable properties
  • Configuration of metadata behaviour at creation of documents


  • Clean up Temporary files on disconnect


  • Integration with applications:
  • Daeja ViewOne: Annotations on documents
  • Datu Sistemas: Digital Signature of PDF documents

Digital Signature

  • Improved performance in start-up and navigation using local persistent caching