CAStor is a new generation Content Addressable Storage solution which provides for massive scalable, reliable and cost efficient storage capacity. Example situations where CAStor can bring high value:

  • Massively scalable and high-performance storage for web content serving.
  • Reliable attached storage for general purpose or compliance archiving.
  • Performance driven and flexible for on-line storage depots.

XeniT has developped the ALF2CAS connector enabling Alfresco to communicate directly with the CAStor nodes without the need for a CAStor Content File Server. As communication is http based, you can configure multiple Alfresco repositories with one CAStor Cluster or multiple CAStor clusters or storage solutions with one Alfresco.

XeniT provides professional Services to configure and tune the Alfresco - CAStor configuration for high performance.

“The Alfresco2CAStor connector allows organizations to benefit from highly-scalable, content addressable storage to automate their compliance and archiving requirements, all built on low cost commodity hardware. XeniT’s contribution of the connector to the Alfresco Forge is a valuable addition to our focus on governance, retention and compliance.” 

— Alfresco CEO John Powel

XeniT continues to develop the ALF2CAS interface in the Enterprise release. ALF2CAS Enterprise supports the full life-cycle in a multi-store environment. XeniT has added the modification and deletion of CAStor content, compliant with lifecycle policies. Thanks to multi-store support, content can reside in classical file system stores, and moved to a CAStor store according to a well defined lifecycle policy or records management rule.

XeniT, as a Caringo Solution Partner and Reseller, can install, configure and tune your CAStor Cloud Storage and the ALF2CAS interface. We can do performance testing, set up monitoring, and even implement a replicated CAStor solution of enhanced insurance for your data. In the process, your Alfresco installation will be aligned in terms of content lifecycle policy to the life points of CAStor.

CAStor is a solution of Caringo.