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Services in Software & Computer Services

Service provider that trusts us to answer every DSH question

Services in Education

UCLouvain is one of the oldest universities in Europe, with more than 25.000 students and 5.000 staff members, with Services from XeniT to run their Alfresco ECM server.

Services & Fred in Oil&Gas, Financial Services

As one of the world's largest independent commodity trading houses, their traders need access to the appropriate documents instantly.

Services & Fred in Government, Utilities

Stadtwerke Münich, a long term customer of Alfresco, has selected Fred as the main interface to Alfresco to increase end user acceptance.

Services & Fred in Industrial Goods & Services, Government

Ondraf the government organisation responsible to carry out the global radioactive waste management system in accordance with applicable laws, rules and standards.

Services & Fred in Government

Guiding them towards digital content: Alfresco initiation with a company intranet and moving towards full case management

Services & Fred in Software & Computer Services, Technology Hardware & Equipment

Kerlink is providing solution in the communication between central IT systems and fixed machine installation.

Services & Fred in Government

Migration from File System to Alfresco. The goal was to integrate Alfresco with their existing Case Management application using CMIS.

Services & Fred in Travel & Leisure

Intercontinental has been using Alfresco for quite some time. In 2011 they choose to use Fred, to enhance the end-use experience with easier and faster access to their content.

Services & Fred in Government, Environment

Ineris, the "institut national de l'Environnment Industriel et des Risques", is a French research facility that produces several hundreds of reports a year.