Fred 2.3 - April 2014

Follow features have been added in the Fred 2.3 release.

Webinar slides



  • Facetted Search: using the Solr indexes, Fred present facets of the search result and you can filter by selecting checkboxes. The number of records indicated in the facets include the full search result and is not limited by any limitation that can be set in the Alfresco search.

Handling Views

  • Zoom in on a specific project folders: folder is displayed as the root folder and additional navigation options (categories) can be added to create a focussed view on the content of the project folder.

Handling Metadata

  • Metadata Governance: assuring the quality of the metadata input by activating metadata validation in specific folder structures. Users are reminded that metadata in specific documents should be completed.

Handling Documents

  • Compare Word document versions