What is Move2Alf?

Move2Alf is a solution to migrate documents at high speed into Alfresco, in a non-intrusive, scheduled and configurable manner. In Move2Alf 1.0, the source must be a file-system (with or without metadata). Customers can use Move2Alf for large scale migrations & serving continuous input channels.

Move2Alf 2.0, scheduled for Q4 2013, will support an Alfresco repository or a CMIS repository as the source. The target is always an Alfresco server (all current versions, enterprise or community). Furthermore, Move2Alf 2.0 will allow to synchronize 2 or more Alfresco servers with complex synchronization and replication policies (meta-data only, only files modified since...).


Move your documents to Alfresco

Move2Alf can migrate large filesystems to Alfresco in a performant and robust way. document streams can be handled by one Move2Alf instance. We observed performances of up to 500 documents per minute (in non trivial migration scenario’s with metadata setting). The number of threads to use is configurable.

User friendly configuration

When importing, users can set the override behavior of move2Alf (new version, replace content). Different parsers can be configured to be used in a load job, and pre- and post-processing commands added to the configuration. Move2Alf allows to register authorized users that can load into Alfresco. Supported roles are system admin, job admin, schedule admin and consumer.

Scheduled jobs

Jobs can be scheduled at any time with cron job definitions. On-demand jobs and scheduled jobs are possible. Failed documents will be automatically rescheduled for loading if desired.

High performance

Depending on the complexity of the load exercise and the performance of your Alfresco platform, load speeds of up to 500 documents per minutes can be achieved and maintained for hours. Includes performance control reference check.


Jobs log their operations in an MySQL database. Different reports are available detailing performance, number of succeeded loads, exceptions, etc. Reports can be sent out automatically via email.

Architectural qualities

The following are some of Move2Alf's strong architectural qualities. If you have more questions about it's characteristics, or Move2Alf in general, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Simple & robust
  • Non intrusive
  • Can run during Alfresco production hours
  • Spring based architecture
  • Fast & Multithreaded
  • Runs on any platform